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Shitters suck partly because they're using shitty settings. Luckily, this can be fixed quite easily. This guide is a response to this INCORRECT article.


Refer to this guide when purchasing your mouse. The best mice are: Razer Deathadder 2013, Zowie FK1, Logitech g400s.

NEVER EVER buy a mouse with:

  • A laser sensor
  • Wireless connection
  • A weight of >120g
  • Anything not mentioned on the list above

Lots of people act like the proteus core logitech mouse is the best. It isn't. It is too heavy for an fps mouse. The DA 2013 is a fantastic choice, but everyone else uses it too. Zowie FK1 is the best modern mouse.

However, the best was, is, and always will be the Microsoft WMO 1.1a. All good quake pros STILL use it because it is light, stylish, and perfect in every way. WMOs typically last 10 years.

Windows Settings

Windows sensitivity should always be 6/11 (the little tick thing is right in the middle). Enhance pointer precision should be off because it's a shitty version of mouse acceleration.

Game Settings

Within the CS:GO mouse and keyboard settings, you can set nearly everything. It is a common misconception that your cpi needs to be set to 400. THIS IS FALSE. Typically, you want game sens x cpi ~= 1000. This doesn't always need to be what you use! Pro players use a wide variety of control schemes. In all cases, you want your sens to be less than 1600. If it is greater than 1600, your skill will be capped by the limitations of your muscles. You don't want that.



Roca uses incredibly low sensitivity to allow himself to aim perfectly within a small area. To be able to actually play in normal positions, he uses F and caps lock as turn binds. This is an okay setup, but very difficult to master.


EliGE uses very high sensitivity (like 2500). This is bad because eventually he will reach a skill ceiling. That's why he's on a shit team like Liquid.


n0thing uses 400 dpi 2 sens. He is nutty and this is a great sensitivity for most players.

Mouse Acceleration

Mouse acceleration makes the distance your cursor/crosshair moves when you move your mouse proportional to not only the distance, but also the speed. If you whip the mouse across your mousepad, it will move farther on your screen. I see people everywhere bashing maccel. They are idiots. maccel raises the skill ceiling. Swag, the best player NA, uses maccel. Most quake pros use it too. You don't need to use it and in many cases shouldn't, but it is a possibility. Try 1.01 - 1.04 exponent.


Buy the Qck+ or Qck heavy from steelseries. This is the only thing you should every buy from them.