Nov 28 Bio Reading Consumption

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Consumption is when one organism eats another.

  1. Herbivory is when herbivores consume plants.
  2. Predation is when carnivorous predators kill and consume prey.
  3. Parasitism is when a parasite consumes small bits of a host. Endoparasites live inside. Ectoparasites live outside. Parasitoidism is where an organism is parasitic for only part of its lifecycle.

Constitutive Defenses

Consumption is bad for prey. Prey have traits called constitutive or standing defenses that protect them from predators. The thing about these is that prey always have them, even when predators aren't around.

Mimicry is one example.

Batesian mimicry is when tasty species mimic untasty species. In Mullerian mimicry, untasty species mimic each other, so that predators learn faster.

Inducible Defenses

These are in response to things. These defenses are prepared only slightly in advance of predation.